Addition Games:
Planet Blaster Click on Set Options to change to difficulty of the questions and the operation.
Hidden Picture- addition
The Little Animals Activity Centre
Addition Attack Game
Sum Sense
2 player Adding Game
Batter's Up Baseball
Addition is Fun!
Math Mayhem- choose + or -
Math Fact Practice- gives report
Cannon Math
FunBrain- Math Arcade
Math Lines- Magic 10s
Save the Apples
Robot Calculator
Big Wig Sub Shop
Addition Monkies
Flash Math
Dr. Brain's Robot
Math Popper
Number Twins- find pairs of numbers that add to 10
Lunar Lander

Subtraction Games:
Hidden Picture
The Little Animals Activity Centre
Count Us In- game 8
Balloon Pop Subtraction Game
Math Mayhem- choose + or -
Math Fact Practice- gives report
Pinkbird Subtraction
Save the Apples
Robot Calculator
Flash Math

Mixed Addition and Subtraction Games
The Little Animals Activity Centre
Math Fact Practice- gives report
Skater Math- choose addition or subtraction

Challenge Games- Addition, Subtraction or Multiplication :
Lemonade Larry (repeated addition/multiplication)
Math Fact Practice- gives report
FunBrain- Math Arcade
Mad Math Game- 2 and 3 digit Adding
Fleebur and Spinky- multiplication
Crazy Cones- multiplication
Fridge Magnet 2 digit mental math

Review- Grade One Practice
IXL Math- Kindergarten
IXL Math- grade one

Addition and Subtraction:
Base Ten Blocks Addition
Base Ten Blocks Subtraction
Ten Frames
Using a number line to add (instructional)
Picture Addition
Interactive Addition Chart (click on the number chart on the right hand side)

The Effective Detective
Guess My Button
Count Us In- Game 9

Crazy Pattern Machine
The Problem Site Junior- Colors, Shapes & Sizes

Count by's
Ant Count
Skip Counting Videos
Doodle Dots- select level 1 or level 2

The Problem Site Junior- Estimation

Base Ten Blocks
Count Us In- game 11 (choose the next highest number)
Guess the Number
Dot to Dot
Place the number on the Number Line
Seahorse Counting- subitizing
Interactive 100 Chart
Lifeguard Game- 10s and 1s
Rabbit- more or less

Odd and Even Numbers
Odd and Even Numbers

Telling Time:
ABCya Telling Time
Calendar Questions

Count Us In- game 15 (select the container that has more water)
Count Us In- game 10

2D and 3D Shapes
Fling the Teacher Game
Finding Shapes

Ordinal Numbers:
Count Us In- game 4

That's Mathematics! (song)
Real Life Math

Data Management (Graphing):
Tally Charts and Bar Graphs- BrainPOP

Multimedia Math Glossary- grade 2
IXL Math- has many practice activities for specific skills
The Math Worksheet Site
Illuminations- lots of great math tools
Houghton Mifflin Mathematics- good for review and test prep

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